Coin Master Free Spins – Daily Links updated

Arguably the best social and free game around, Coin Master can be played alone or enjoyed with friends. Played together with friends and the global social community of players, the game is entertaining, interactive, full of competition, and revenge.

Coin Master has features that allow players to build fortunes by working hard or robbing other players of their wealth while being on the lookout not to be robbed. Players can feel a sense of achievement when they get more stars or join the list of top scores among friends. It is highly addictive, but just when it gets more addictive, players realize they cannot proceed as fast as they want because the number of spins in the game is limited to seven per hour. For regular players who often run out of spins and keep wondering how to get more coin master free spins, this article is just the answer to your questions.


You can start by syncing the game with your Facebook account. Coin Master instantly rewards players with 50 slot machine spins and a million coins when they sync their accounts with Facebook. Additionally, players have rewarded 25 slot machine spins per Facebook friend they bring on board. Many players try to gain extra spins using this method by creating many fake accounts and sending them invites. To get rewarded, the invites have to be accepted, the game downloaded, opened, and connected to the invited Facebook account. 

coin master free spins


 Aside from Facebook, the Coin Master game developers share links for free spins daily on their other social media platforms. Hence it would be helpful to follow Coin Master on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, game forums, and subscribe to their email services to receive such links. Some websites also share links to free daily Coin Master spins.

Just search for ‘free Coin Master spins’ on Google to access such websites. The websites share daily spin links sourced from different official Coin Master platforms and may be helpful to individuals who do not have the time to check all the Coin Master social media sites for updates.


Another way to get coin master free spins is to also change their phone dates to gain what is somewhat an undue advantage.

They log out from their Coin Master account, set their phone date a day ahead, and log back into their account. This gives them all the free spins available in their game account. 

They use all the free spins, log out, reset their phone dates to the actual date, and then login again to enjoy the game. This is just for your information.


 Coin Master rewards players who log into their accounts daily with free spins. Even on days that you do not feel like playing, login to benefit from the free daily spins. Giving and receiving spins as gifts among friends also helps players receive spin rewards from Coin Master.


Another way to earn extra coin master free spins is to watch in-game video advertisements. Coin Master rewards players with extra spins when they watch Ads placed in the game. Ads can be turned on by clicking the energy capsule at the bottom right of the spin machine. 


Finally, it is important to know how the game and the slot machine (in particular) works to optimize the use of the items on it. This information can also provide some Coin Master basics for beginners.

The game is level-adaptive in terms of difficulty with increasing difficulty from the first to the last level. Players are required to use earned coins and fortunes obtained from spinning the slot machine to buy items and build villages.

A player can get to build over 200 villages, building one at each level and unlocking subsequent levels only after completing a village under construction.

The game has exciting themes, special events, games within the game, and card collection and trading features to entertain keep players and keep them enthralled. Villages consist of scenes from nature, magical forests, pets, homes, and means of transportation.

Characters in the game include pigs, witches, wizards, queens, and warriors. Pets are also used to help players acquire more fortune and would require nurturing for them to help players achieve their goals.  An important feature of Coin Master is the slot machine. Players must spin the slot machine to know the next action to take.

It is used by choosing bet energy by utilizing a player’s coins earned. It works with a principle analogous to real-life gambling. The higher the bet energy, the higher the potential reward, which is dependent on luck.     

 Reward items on the slots machine include a hammer, shield, pig face, bag of coins, free spins, and energy capsules. Except for a bag of coins, three same items must fill all the reels of the slots machine simultaneously for that reward to be activated. After each spin, the remaining number of spins reduces, and the figure is displayed below the slots machine.  A bag of coins earns the player more coins.

How To Get Coin master Daily Free Spins?

Here is some unique ways to get cm free spins and coins daily basis

  • You can get free spins from official coin master social media accounts get free spins daily
  • You can get cm free spins and coins to invite your friend to join cm game after they join with your links you will get reward 50 spins to 150 spins
  • also, you can receive a free gift from your cm friends
  • You can get more free spins and coins in-game while you play games you get some ads where they offer free spins and coins
  • In cm game, you can win some events and get 1000 spins

The pig face is many players’ favorite. Pigface allows players to raid a coin master, a player assigned as a raid target.  The player raids the coin master’s village, targeting three of several areas marked X and digging holes to depredate them of coins available.

Hammers are used to launch attacks. Getting three hammers upon a spin enables you to activate an attack on a player of your choice if your accounts have been synced with your Facebook account. Otherwise, the attack goes unto a random player.

Rewards from such attacks are unexpected and Coin Master provides limited attack time and three attempts for the operation. Because of the limited time to act, a player has to do a quick scan, choose a village belonging to very rich players, and ransack it to make the best of the opportunity. Players need to feed pets well.

Well-fed pets get an additional fourth attempt to attack while their energy lasts four hours. Because of such attacks, players shouldn’t store coins. After earning them, coins have to be used immediately to upgrade a village to prevent the possibility of going bankrupt when a friend or another player raids your village.

The game has a revenge aspect that allows players to counter-attack players who have successfully attacked them in the past. This attack is launched after a spin produces three hammers. In this case, a revenge option appears on top of the screen, and the player can select it and proceed to choose who to launch a counter-attack on.     

When under attack, it takes shields to gain protection from the attacker. When your village is under attack, you cannot attack another player simultaneously until the attack is over, and your system recovers. The energy capsule gives the player ten free spins.


You will encounter several chest collections that contain nine cards each. All nine cards in a collection must be taken to earn the associated rewards. Rewards include free spins, bonuses, lots of coins, and better pet experience.

The reward value of a chest is dependent on the level of the game a player has reached. Because lower-level cards are rare in the upper village levels, players must collect them early. Cards can be traded with friends. You could join some of the global social groups created for Coin Master card-trading. 


It is worth mentioning that you must complete all events in the game because it can earn you big rewards. Follow all instructions and complete events in the order which they appear in the game. These events are Diamond Rush, Ultra-Attack Master, Ultra-Raid Madness, Village Master, Jackpot, and Viking Quest.


 Last but not least, players could also opt to buy more spins or coins from Coin Master with real money. For players not willing to go through the procedures mentioned above to get free spins, this may be a good option.      

In conclusion, using all the above-mentioned tips and tricks would give your gameplay some finesse, earning you all the free spins, coins, and stars to become a Coin Master. Enjoy playing!